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Membership– This committee is on the forefront of our focus right now, as we have a 6-month grant from the PA Department of Health to increase public awareness and membership in PAIC. Some members may wish to be “subscribers” only. Others may be involved volunteers. Others may join our Advisory Committees. The members of this committee need to come up with innovative ideas to ensure we are visible and accessible to all Pennsylvania residents and providers and engage our members in meaningful volunteer work. Our grant funding includes the opportunity to use Membership Management software.

Projects– In past years we had one person who chaired this sometimes very active committee, who was involved in all PAIC projects. That’s just too much to ask of any volunteer! What has been suggested is that we establish “Ad hoc” committees for current projects- i.e. Sports Events to promote immunizations, NIIW projects, HPV & Cervical Cancer Awareness projects, etc. The members of this committee have the task of coming up with projects and promotions for the coming months—projects that are important to promoting the importance of vaccinations—in all or specific age groups.  It will be very helpful to come up with ideas for financing and implementing the projects.

Resources– This is a BIG one! This committee can be broken into three divisions.

  • Fundraising/Donor-ship
  • Grants (researchers or grant writing experience)
  • Mini-Grant Program

Education– Committee members will act as our “scanners” to determine the latest topics of importance to be published-in newspapers, websites, newsletters, for projects, etc.

Newsletter– This committee is tasked with assisting the preparation of a monthly newsletters for members, providers, and the public. The newsletters will be in a format that can be distributed to all local coalitions throughout the state.

Website– This is at the top of the priority list! If you have talent in maintaining a website, or ideas on what you think should be available to the public, we need your help. This committee will also need specific members to work on Facebook and Twitter pages.

Advocacy/Legislative– A new committee, but important to ensuring adequate vaccination coverage for all Pennsylvania residents.

PIC (PA Annual Immunization Conference) Planning Committee– We can always use volunteers to help in planning our annual Immunization Conference.  Volunteer to work with the planning or to help at the event.


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