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Video & Materials

This page contains valuable immunization video & materials to help promote immunizations in your practice, organization, and community.

Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic

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This award-winning documentary takes a look into the lives of five brave women affected by HPV. Their stories portray the misconceptions, stigma, shame, heartbreak, pain, and triumph that they experience while battling cervical cancer.

To view this documentary click HERE.


YouTube Videos

You’ve Gotta Do it Now

Global Teen Health Week 2018 “Questions About Vaccines

Free Waiting Room Patient Videos – Immunization Myths 

Adult Immunization Video


Baseball Immunization Video

Hockey Immunization Video

Soccer Immunization Video

Educational Materials

Pennsylvania Timely Immunization Schedule

The Timely Immunization Schedule includes all the recommended immunizations for babies up to age one year and also includes information about the diseases that these vaccines protect against. Each tear-off pad includes 100 copies of the schedule.  To order free copies, email your name, address, and quantity to:

Pennsylvania American Academy of Pediatrics Adolescent Posters

These posters can be ordered for free by sending a request with your complete mailing address You will need to specify whether you want male or female posters, and English or Spanish language.

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