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The following toolkits are included on this web page:


Keys to a Healthy Health Care Facility Toolkit

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The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition (PAIC) offers this toolkit for facilities, organizations, and community providers of health care who recognize how important it is to prevent disease in their facility. This toolkit provides instructions and resources to implement a health care worker immunization campaign in your facility.

Why are health care worker immunizations important?

Health care workers are key to the health of your facility. Ensuring that employees are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases can:

  • Prevent illness among:
    • Staff
    • Patients
    • Family
  • Prevent disease outbreaks
  • Model that your employees care about their health and their patient’s health
  • Save money through:
    • Fewer sick days
    • Improved productivity

How to use this Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help health care facilities develop health care worker immunization policies and programs. It is divided into four sections and provides strategies, immunization recommendations, sample policies, promotional and educational materials, as well as many other resources.

Section 1: Keys to a Successful Immunization Campaign

Download ‘Keys to Successful Immunization Campaign’ PDF

Section 2: Implementing a Successful Immunization Campaign

Download ‘Implementing a Successful Immunization Campaign’ PDF

Ordering Vaccine

Be sure to order vaccine appropriate for the age groups you will be vaccinating.

Sample Standing Orders

Standing orders should be signed by a physician associated with your facility and updated at least once a year.

Sample Policies & Guidelines

These sample vaccination and infection prevention policies and guildelines can be adapted for use in your facility.  This section also includes information about the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) law and management of vaccine reactions.

Clinic Supplies

Vaccine Administration, Storage, and Handling

This section provides tools to help ensure that you properly store your vaccines and to assist in screening and vaccine administration.

Documentation & Data Collection

This section provides information and tools to assist you in documenting vaccines administered and declinations.


This resource provides general information on billing Medicare and other insurers for vaccines and administration fees.

Promotional Tools & Educational Materials

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Project Immunize Virginia

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Immunization Action Coalition

Customizable Promotional Materials

Employee Communications



Section 3:  Recommendations & Guidelines

Pennsylvania Department of Health Immunization Recommendations for Health Care Workers

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) – Recommendations

ACIP – Schedule

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Section 4:  Resources

Case Studies



Alternative Immunization Sites

If you are unable to offer on-site immunization clinics, these resources can help you find other places adults can get immunizations.

Position Papers & Reports

Research Articles

Sports Toolkit

The coalitions of Southeastern Pennsylvania developed this toolkit of materials and resources that they have used to promote immunizations in sports venues.

Baseball Resources

HPV Champion Toolkit

This toolkit has the best resources available to help you:

  • Educate other healthcare professionals
  • Discuss HPV vaccination with parents
  • Make necessary changes in your practice to improve HPV vaccination rates.

By focusing on ways you can make changes that will lead to improved HPV vaccination rates, YOU are an HPV champion. ​​​​

CDC’s Amigas Project 

This study divided the participants into three groups to compare the effectiveness of the tools—

  • One group used the full AMIGAS program (video and flip chart).
  • One group used the AMIGAS program without the video (flip chart group).
  • One group used the AMIGAS program without the flip chart (video group).

Of the 613 women who participated in the study—

  • 52% of women who used the full AMIGAS program reported getting a Pap test within six months.
  • 46% of women in the flip chart group reported getting a Pap test within six months.
  • 41% of women in the video group reported getting a Pap test within six months.

When used in a one-to-one setting, AMIGAS increased cervical cancer screening among Mexican-American women who live in border, urban, and rural areas. Pap testing increased in all three AMIGAS study groups compared to those receiving usual health care.

Social Media HPV Vaccine Communication

Using social media to share messages about the HPV vaccine can be an effective way for physicians to build support for immunizations in their own practices and answer common questions outside of the visit, while keeping them at the center of the discussion and using their role as a trusted professional to make a recommendation.

The AAP offers an Immunization Social Media Toolkit, which offers social media guidancememes and videos to shareresources to shareguidance on how to create your own videos; and results from a recent pilot of this toolkit, which include tips, lessons learned, and feedback from providers and families.

Tip:  We recommend using one hashtag for all of your HPV vaccination tweets and posts to unify your social media messages.

Measles Outbreak Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

If you are looking for resources for you or your staff to learn more about having effective vaccine conversations with parents, these may help:

Examples of resources for providers to share with parents include:

If you would like posters to display in your office, here are some that may be helpful:

Kids Plus Pediatrics Anti-Anti-Vaxx Toolkit:

In response to a week-long, global, and coordinated attack from anti-vaccine groups nearly two years ago, Kids Plus Pediatrics, an independent, physician-owned practice in Pennsylvania, launched a new website and toolkit, Shots Heard Round the World. This volunteer, vetted, online digital cavalry will come to the aid of any provider, practice, hospital, or health system attacked by anti-vaccine forces on social media. A message from Todd Wolynn, MD, MMM, IBCLC, president and CEO of Kids Plus Pediatrics, is reprinted below.

“This Monday, September 23rd, two years to the day since the end of our attack, we released our Anti-Anti Vaccine Social Media Toolkit to help our colleagues prepare for, defend against, and clean up after anti-vaccine attacks. The toolkit will be available for download on the Shots Heard website. The timing of these releases represents a message: “we survived, we thrived and now we’re arming vaccine advocates globally against an attack on child and public health.” Kids Plus stands in solidarity with vaccine advocates worldwide, and we are dedicated to addressing anti-vaccine bullying, threats, and attacks on all advocates for vaccines and evidence-based medicine. We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with vaccine advocates into 2020 and beyond.

Kids Plus Pediatrics and I want to thank you all for the work you do to improve vaccine communication and uptake. We hope, our Toolkit and ongoing work will provide additional needed resources and help to increase immunization rates.”

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