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V-Team Champions

MCIC does outreach into the community with our mascot, Victor Vaccine and the V- Team.  Victor and the V-Team want to vaporize vaccine-preventable diseases.

Gail and Robert Till, first ever V-Team Champion Award Recipient

Gail Wright, MCIC Vice Chair is pictures with Robert Till, the first ever V-Team Champion Award recipient.  The award was presented to Robert on May 8th at the Annual Immunization Update Dinner.  Robert has been volunteering with the V-Team since the very beginning and this past year created a video introducing Victor Vaccine to the world as a school project.  His video can be found on youtube.  The MCIC Steering Committee wanted to acknowledge all of Robert’s efforts and decided to create an award, V-Team Champion Award.  Also pictured is Robert being surprised at school by Victor Vaccine live on closed circuit television during the morning announcements.  Also pictured with Robert is his school nurse, Jackie Raco.

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