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Leveraging our collective voice strengthens our ability to provide immunization resources and support in Pennsylvania. If you or your organization is interested in working together to promote health and prevent disease, we would love to discuss partnering together.

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PAIC’s success relies on joining together to promote vaccine healthcare. By facilitating and supporting partnership formation among community groups, local health departments, local coalitions, businesses, and other agencies throughout the commonwealth we can reach our goals to promote public awareness and improve access to immunizations for all Pennsylvania residents across their life span.


The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition aims to disrupt the cycle of misinformation by providing our community members with evidence-based education without fear or shame. Recognizing that all people want to make the best health decisions possible, we promote immunization education through:

Leading statewide education efforts

to increase public awareness of recommended immunizations

Developing digital and print resources

for parents, schools, providers, and partner organizations

Providing peer advocates the tools

they need to speak to their social circles about vaccination benefits

Sharing best practices

in immunization promotion and education

Hosting public fact-based webinars

led by medical and public health professionals

Teenage Awareness for Vaccines

I Vaxxed My Kid Campaign

2022 COVID-19 campaign

Unity in Immunity

2022 COVID-19 Campaign

PAIC Immunization Posters

Examples of our immunization posters.


We develop and participate in widespread awareness campaigns in conjunction with our local coalitions across Pennsylvania to bring attention to the importance of vaccination.


Through our community outreach efforts, Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition creates awareness about vaccination importance and safety among parents, providers, school officials, partners, the media, and the public.

We encourage you to join us in providing our legislators with important immunization information and conveying the needs of Pennsylvania residents. Sharing your voice is important to the legislative process and helps our message be heard.


The PAIC works in partnership with our members and their organizations to advocate policy issues related to childhood, adolescent, and adult immunizations. Anyone who is passionate about preventing disease and promoting health has the potential to be a strong advocate.


PAIC provides health clinics and other immunization sites with links to resources, recommendations, and special clinics.

Please contact to learn more about hosting a clinic for your community.

PAIC offers TV and radio appearances with science-based information and discussion of pertinent and timely immunization topics.


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