Some Parents Reportedly Concerned For Unvaccinated Children To Return To School Amid Current COVID-19 Trends

ABC News (7/29) reports, “With the COVID-19 delta variant surge once again prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend masks indoors for teachers and other vaccinated school employees, many parents are left wondering if the new landscape of the pandemic means it’s safe for their still-unvaccinated young children to return to school this fall.” While epidemiological data early in the pandemic “showed parents a reassuring trend: children were less likely to be infected and more likely to have mild infections,” as COVID-19 vaccines became available “and the country made progress toward herd immunity, there came a shift: The viral spread is now predominantly among the unvaccinated, and of the largest unvaccinated populations is children under 12, who are not yet eligible for the available vaccines.” The article adds that American Academy of Pediatrics data have “shown that children have made up a higher proportion of overall COVID-19 infections over the past couple of weeks.”


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