What offices are doing to keep patients and families safe during their visit.


For patients (sick or well) presenting for care or routine visits, pediatricians and other health care providers are taking action to keep you and your family safe. Keep well-child and immunization appointments and stay up-to-date. Stay healthy!

  • Separating sick from well patients by scheduling these visits during different times of the day (well visits in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon), placing patients with sick visits in different areas of the facility, or scheduling patients with sick visits in a different location from well visits (when space is available).
  • Reducing crowding in waiting areas by asking patients to remain outside (stay in their vehicles, if applicable) until you are called into the facility for your appointment.
  • Ensuring that physical distancing measures, with separation of at least 6 feet between patients and visitors, are maintained during all aspects of the visit, including check-in, checkout, screening procedures, and postvaccination monitoring. Using strategies such as physical barriers, signs, ropes, and floor markings.
  • Using electronic communications as much as possible (filling out needed paperwork online in advance) to minimize patients’ time in the office as well as their sharing of materials (clipboards, pens).

It is safe to visit your medical office or usual source of care. Keep well-child and immunization appointments and stay up-to-date.

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