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Chester County Immunization Coalition


Coverage Area

Chester County

Mission Statement

It shall be the mission of the Chester County Immunization Coalition to promote recommended immunizations for all Chester County residents across the lifespan.


  • Advocate countywide public and professional immunization education efforts
  • Facilitate and support sustained partnerships among community immunization stakeholders and the Chester County Health Department
  • Inform and advocate policy issues relating to immunizations
  • Promote awareness of proper vaccine storage, handling, and documentation
  • Support the Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition’s statewide initiatives

Meeting Location:


Government Services Center
601 Westtown Road
West Chester, PA 19380

Contact Information:

Laura D. Harbage, Chair, BSN, RN, Public Health Nurse

Chester County Health Department
Chair Chester County Immunization Coalition
601 Westtown Road, Suite 180
P.O. Box 2747
West Chester, PA 19380-0990
Phone: (610) 344-6252 | Fax: (610) 344-4533


Photo left to right: Michele Steiner- CCIC secretary, Diane McGowan- speaker, Martin’s Flu Foundation, Erica De Wald- speaker, Every Child By Two, Laura Harbage- CCIC Chair, Julieta Calmon- CCIC Treasurer

Laura Harbage and Chester (Michele Steiner) made an appearance at Healthy Kid’s Day at East Goshen Park to have fun with kids and share CCIC’s message “Don’t Horse Around, Get Vaccinated!”

Laura Harbage and Chester reading to children at Head Start.

Laura Harbage and Dr. Victor Alos at the CCIC 2019 Education Dinner



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